Oculus Touch Magnetic Rifle Stock Story

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About 2 months ago we managed to get our hands on a set of Oculus Touch controllers due to the overwhelming demand for our rifle stock to be offered to Oculus Rift users. Let me tell you right now the Touch controllers are nowhere near as nice to develop accessories for. With the Vive wands we're spoiled by how nicely they can fit into our golf club attachments, charging docks, and rifle stocks. With the Touch controllers you essentially need to make a sock-type design to put them into anything! And don't get me started on how we tackled securing them in place without causing any wear on the controllers... 

Actually, I'll tell you! We designed these rubber inserts into each of our holders that securely hold the Touch controllers in place. The hold is TIGHT, this was done on purpose because most of us here like our rifle stocks...but at the same time we're lazy and like magnets even more! Each holder as an expensive neodymium magnet secured in the bottom, and another in each base. These magnets pack a 33 POUND pull force! The holders lock into each base and are capable of holding the rifle up on their own. This was done so players can reload one controller, and the other will still be able to support the weight of the rifle. 

To make it look even more awesome and increase tactfulness we added a mount and fore-grip as well as a strap to our deluxe version. The fore-grip provides a useful hand hold when you're reloading one of your controllers, and the strap is used to prevent fatigue.  

We would've had these up on the site sooner but the rubber inserts that we needed to design caused delays, as well as sourcing the magnets (these things aren't easy to get a hold of!). Needless to say we're very proud of our new rifle stock and you can expect to see them on the site for pre-order within the next couple of days! 


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