The Golf Club VR Controller Attachment Story

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So I'm personally not a big golfer myself, I am however obsessed with tennis. Specifically anything related to Roger Federer I live for. Some people think it's weird but nobody questions when someone has a poster of Michael Jordan in their room! (Hah we're actually working on some pretty cool posters coming soon here at VRMerch). 

Anyways, the golf club attachment started from when my brother (big golfer of the family), asked if he could try out The Golf Club VR for the Vive. My brother and I don't have a great relationship but I thought to myself ("I'm the big brother, I know he looks up to me blah blah blah"). He loved the realism of the game and ended up playing for a couple more hours. The only problem was he kept mentioning that the feel of the controller versus a golf club handle just wasn't the same. The vive wand has a much larger diameter and trying to putt with two hands for him was "awkward" as he put it. 

So I ended up designing a little mount he could use with some tennis grip tape I had (I have tons of them that are brand new). He ended up loving it and now I'm constantly getting nagged by him to play it relentlessly. 

I thought you guys might wanted to know a little more about how we stumbled upon creating it. I personally use the 12 inch handle but will be switching to the 8 inch handle soon because of the amount of stuff I managed to knock over in my VR room with it! 


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