The VRMerch Story

Prototyping is a pain in the ass. Almost 3 months, hundreds of hours spent experimenting and researching. Countless cuts, gashes, and band-aids. Dozens of trips to Home Depot, and the UPS guy now knows me by first name because Amazon ships so many packages to me. 

I love the current games that are out there, they provide as much immersion that software is capable of. But there's still room for improvement, holding a controller in mid-air will never yield pinpoint accuracy like a physical gun stock will. Golf is the same way, a controller can only be held so steadily when hitting the ball, but the problem is it just doesn't physically feel like a golf club. No amount of software is going to change how the controller feels (honestly with how technology is progressing I could be wrong about this soon). But we can change how they feel, we can design the perfect controller holders for different games to enhance virtual reality experiences. 

Teaming up with a few fellow redditors we've been working on some pretty useful accessories that we think you all will like (or not what do I know I'm just a guy that plays video games). 


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